Complete Diagnostic Capabilities

Complete diagnostic capabilities begin in the exam room where your pet’s health is evaluated in the proper environment. Clinical pathology services, such as blood chemistry, stool and urinalysis, EKG, radiology, histopathology, bacterial culture and sensitivity, are equally important so that a diagnosis can be conducted quickly, and appropriate treatment initiated.  +

Proper Anesthetic Procedures

Surgery and dental work are performed under the most comfortable possible conditions for your pet. Gas anesthesia machines are used for a safe, painless sleep during surgery.  +

Surgical Facilities

A modern surgery suite is provided with gas anesthesia, heart and respiratory monitors, proper ventilation and lighting for doing technical surgical procedures requiring sterile conditions. The surgery room has easy access to all necessary drugs and equipment.  +

Dental Services

Dental prophylaxis and oral hygiene are very important for all pets. We are capable of performing routine teeth cleaning, extractions, and gum surgery.  +

Emergency Service

Accidents or sudden illnesses can occur anytime. Through the Pearce County Animal Emergency Clinic, your pet has 24-hour emergency care available anytime your pet needs it.  +


Boarding services in clean, well-ventilated, air-conditioned wards are available to our client’s pets. Animals are handled and exercised at least twice daily by our staff.  We invite you to use our services, and to tour our hospital if you wish.+

Concern For Preventative Medicine

Our staff will encourage periodic health exams, vaccinations, and preventative testing for the general well-being of your pet and to prevent potential health problems.  +

Complete Pharmaceutical Facilities

A complete pharmacy assures that commonly used medicines and prescription diets are on hand when your pet needs them.  +


Properly Maintained Environment

A clean environment means more than just a clean surgical area. Safe, sanitary conditions including proper ventilation and air conditioning are maintained throughout the hospital from laboratory to kennel.  +
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