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Let’s Dish: 7 Reasons Why Your Pet’s Appetite or Thirst Has Changed

Your pet’s eating and drinking habits provide your Animal Hospital of Parkland veterinarian with important clues about their overall health. Sudden or uncharacteristic changes can mean your pet is naturally correcting an internal imbalance (e.g., avoiding food because of motion sickness, or rehydrating themselves after outdoor exercise), or a warning that they have a more [...]

Help! My Pet is Having an Allergic Reaction

Allergic reactions can be dramatic and frightening for pets and pet owners. But, knowing how to recognize and respond to your pet’s acute and alarming irritation can help you stay calm and in control when the bugs bite, the bees sting, or something else sends your pet’s internal defenses into overdrive. While minor allergic reactions [...]

On Baited Breath: Rodenticide Poisoning in Pets FAQs

According to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, rodent poison (i.e., rodenticide) is included in the top 10 list of common pet poisonings each year. And, while the frequency of pet encounters with this poison has not changed, common ingredients in these products have become more deadly and difficult to treat.  Pet owners can help [...]

6 Facts About Giardia in Dogs

Almost all dogs will struggle with intestinal parasite infections at some point during their lives—most commonly as a puppy. Giardia is a common intestinal parasite in dogs—affecting adults and puppies equally—because the parasite spreads easily in the environment and can be difficult to detect and treat. Whether you’ve battled previous giardia infections in your four-legged [...]

5 Bugs That Bug Your Pet

Bugs tend to come out in force in the summer. Pets are often curious about these creepy crawlies. This is a bad combination that can lead to your pet being bitten or stung. Our Animal Hospital of Parkland team knows that bugs can be extremely irritating, and we provide information on five bugs that may [...]

4 Pet Heat Hazards

Summer is all about fun in the sun, and many people want to include their four-legged family member. However, rising temperatures and scorching sun rays can be dangerous for pets. Our Animal Hospital of Parkland team doesn’t want a veterinary emergency to interrupt your summer, so we explain heat hazards that can affect pets during [...]

Pet Boarding Basics

Taking your pet with you isn’t always an option when you travel, and you may consider boarding your four-legged friend. Our Animal Hospital of Parkland team knows how stressful leaving your pet behind can be, and we offer advice to help you prepare your pet for their boarding experience. Find the right boarding facility for [...]

Grooming Guidelines for Pet Owners

Grooming your pet is important to keep them clean and prevent certain health problems. Our Animal Hospital of Parkland team wants to ensure you perform the procedures properly, and we provide guidelines for grooming your pet at home.  Bathing guidelines for pet owners Unless your dog goes swimming or plays in the mud, they should [...]

Twisted Whiskers: Is Your Cat Stressed?

Cats are extremely sensitive to stress, a negative emotional state that can lead to serious health conditions. Unfortunately, cats are also expert at concealing their feelings, so their owners often have difficulty recognizing their cat’s struggle, and fail to seek appropriate veterinary care. Is your cat’s emotional life a mystery? Learn how to recognize and [...]

Which Itch is Which? Itchiness in Pets

Scratch, scratch, scratch, scream? If your pet’s incessant itching and scratching is driving you crazy, imagine how your pet must feel. Excessive itchiness (i.e., pruritus) is a common clinical sign for numerous pet conditions and can range from mild to severe. To help you understand your pet’s itchy issues—and know when to seek help—the Animal [...]

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