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During Your Pet’s Stay

We offer hospitalization for pets during the day to perform surgeries or administer fluids, but we do not provide overnight stays. Rest assured that we use the latest medical procedures and equipment to care for your pet in need of major medical attention. Each pet is given individual attention, and we provide comfortable bedding such as a fluffy towel or warm blanket for them to rest on. You can choose to bring your pet’s regular food, or we can provide Hill’s Science Diet or the appropriate prescription diet.

Vaccination Guidelines

To ensure the safety of all pets under our care, we require current vaccinations. If your pet’s vaccinations are not up-to-date, we will conduct an examination and administer the necessary vaccines during their stay. Our vaccination requirements include rabies, a completed series and current booster for the 3-way vaccine for cats, and the multi-vaccine with Parvo & Distemper for dogs.

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